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Guarantees a Warm Welcome.

Bank of America is pictured atop the Bank of America building in downtown Los Angeles

Bank customers now have the ability to choose when and where they conduct business — whether it is in your facility, from their office at work, or online from their own homes.

So much of our bank activities can be accomplished over the phone or via computer that your potential customers need only choose an institute of banking when they want to conduct their affairs face-to-face, for that added "human element".

Primarily, banks that relate to clients in a physical setting must compete to make transactions easier, more comfortable and more personal. For this reason, smart managers strive to create an ambiance of warmth and friendliness.

Citibank is pictured atop the Citi Bank building in downtown Los Angeles

Espresso-Etc! specialty coffee and beverage bara are an elegant way to personalize your banking services with a variety of specialty coffees. We can help make customer relations easy by arranging a sure-fire way to make everyone feel special and invited.

As a wonderful warm welcome for bank customers, Espresso-Etc! specialty coffee drinks are an appropriate ingredient for increasing relaxed business interactions with happy, satisfied customers.

While your cost is mere pennies per cup, the perception is of comparable the best coffee house beverages retailing for $3.00 to $4.00 apiece. Because of its low maintenance, any bank employee can easily service the machine and prepare it for use with just the push of a button!