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Lease Your Coffee Machine

We are delighted to explain our many purchasing options and help you to decide which best suits your needs. We have many programs available to you. Please contact us.

Espresso-Etc! has teamed up with Infinity Leasing.

Infinity Leasing is an independent financing company dedicated to providing customized financial solutions to meet the needs of growing businesses. They work directly with equipment vendors and businesses to structure transactions from $2500.00 to $15,000,000, with terms ranging from one to seven years.

Why Lease?

It's an interesting fact that about 30% of all new equipment placed in service each year is leased rather than purchased. More than 80% of U. S. companies lease their equipment. Leasing, once considered an alternative, has become the largest single source of funds to support the acquisition of your equipment in the United States.

Every company has different needs, different cash flow patterns and different and sometimes irregular streams of income. Often little cash and limited debt lines characterize startup companies. Mature companies have other needs - to keep debt free and to comply with debt covenants. Leasing has advantages for each situation.

Leasing your Aroma coffee machine for your office is a positive consideration. Leasing instead of purchasing can be a cost-effective option particularly if you don't have the cash on hand but need or want the advantages the Aroma has to offer.

In fact, you'll want to consider leasing even if you do have the cash to invest. By leasing, you'll find that you can regulate your cash flow more effectively, because you have predictable, regular monthly installments as opposed to a single lump sum payment. Plus, leasing can help you avoid tying up lines of credit, or you could use the money for another area of your business.

Lease your Office Coffee Machine